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All 2 650 employees continue their regular work activities - Director of Gloria Sewing Factory


The Gloria Sewing Factory in Vanadzor continues its regular work. The information was confirmed by Bagration Darbinyan, Director of the factory during the talk with A1+.

According to the director, all 2 650 employees continue their regular work. As for the Prime Minister's announcement about stopping the activities of all cafes, restaurants, constructions, etc., Darbinyan said that Facebook is not an official tool. Later he added that Prime Minister just supposes that government will make this decision.

"The mayor called and asked why I had not closed the factory. I answered that I would close only when there would be government decision."

He assured that the workers were given masks, thus all the rules were respected.

Later to the question concerning the measures taken in case of employees over 60 years of age, he said the following:

''We certainly have employees over 60 years of age to whom we offered to stay at home, but they continue to come and I cannot prohibit them to do so."

Last but not least, Darbinyan mentioned that they had to have an official document, so that the clients would not apply sanctions against them.