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Norik Norikyan: There was attempt of major terrorism in the country, there should have been an alarm (Video) (video)

Lawyer, founding member of the "Righteous Armenia" public initiative Norik Norikyan is convinced that the oligarchy has not disappeared in Armenia, even after the 2018 revolution.


"Moreover, they have preserved their resources, not a ‘hair’ has reduced from their heads, and they have not been held accountable for what they have done in previous years. Their activities have been legitimized by the current authorities, and they have turned from an oligarch a major proprietor," he added.


The lawyer also believed that the business environment in Armenia has not been completely brought to the tax arena, and shadow economy has not completely disappeared in the country.


Referring to the Constitutional Court decision not to accept the National Assembly’s (NA) petition on depriving Prosperous Armenia Party leader Gagik Tsarukyan of his parliamentary mandate, Norikyan added that he does not want to prove what has already been proven—that Tsarukyan is a large proprietor and has engaged in business.


The lawyer also referred to the issue of the election of the chairman and judge of the Court of Cassation, removed from the agenda of the NA sitting yesterday, and said that a war was taking place between the executive and the judicial powers in Armenia.


As for the assassination attempt plotted against Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, in connection with which the National Security Service has filed a criminal case, and the court's decision not to remand in custody those suspected of plotting the assassination, Norikyan finds that, first, the investigators who have made such a flawed accusation should be held accountable.


"Dear bodies conducting proceedings: you are obliged to submit invincible motions that there is nothing left for the court to do. And if you are sure that the court has released the person who made an obvious assassination attempt against the head of the country—that is, it has committed an obviously illegal act—why did you not conduct criminal proceedings against that judge? An assassination attempt was organized in the country against the highest state power; the whole apparatus should not have ‘slept.’ It seems that there was an ordinary theft. Brother, there should have been an alarm in the country; this is terrorism, it is classified among the series of serious crimes. Now, either some people in the prosecutor's office should have been arrested, investigators should have been demoted, or the judge should have been arrested," the lawyer concluded.