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Why many fans were not able to buy tickets for match - Explanation (video)

Many fans, including fans from Italy, have not been able to buy a game ticket for the match between Spain and Italy in the third round of the European Football Championship to be held in Yerevan.

A1+ applied to Hayk Karapetyan, head of the Public Relations and Media Department of the Football Federation of Armenia, to clarify the issue.

"As you know, the match between Spain and Italy was scheduled at the Avan Football Academy stadium, which has a small capacity. The game was of great interest among fans, as one of the semi-finalists would have decided at that time. That is why tickets were bought in advance," the FFA official said.

Hayk Karapetyan added that during the rest of the group stage there were no ticket issues. He said semi-final tickets will be available tomorrow, July 23, at 12:00. Tickets for Portugal - Ireland will be sold at the Banants Stadium and at the France - Spain match- at the Republican Stadium.

The tickets for the final game will start on July 26.

By the way, an American-Armenian woman was happy that at least this time she will be able to easily find the place where she can buy the tickets.

In order to buy tickets for the Spain-Italy game, in her words, she had to pay about 7000 drams for the taxi to find the place where the tickets were sold.

Vardan Arzumanyan