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Interview: Arsen Artsruni tells what is going on in cell (video)

Arsen Artsruni, a life-sentenced prisoner of famous "Dro's" case, is not familiar with the books of the Armavir Penitentiary Library. He says that in their building, which A1+ has not been allowed to shoot, they have their library.
In the cell, he lives with another life-sentenced prisoner Ashot Manukyan. The cell is for four people, but they are two. Arsen Artsruni joks that there are so many books in it that there is no space for other people.
Ashot Manukyan receives a postgraduate degree via distance learning and the theme for his dissertation is the delusions of convicts.
In the second part of the interview with A1+ he tells why he had asked to relocate him to Nubarashen penitentiary several months ago, what was happening in prison, and whether those issues had disappeared.