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Colombia, a top destination for Armenian travelers in 2023: affordable, sunny, and stunning


Armenia was recently listed at 77th on the passport strength index, a difficult pill to swallow for travel-hungry Armenians.

But if you look at your travel-flask half-full, you will notice that there are still 69 fabulous destinations you can visit without a visa or with a simple e-visa that only takes a few moments to complete.

Armenians can visit the great Pyramids of Gisa, laze on the beaches of the Bahamas, or watch the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti thanks to some generous visa policies, all it takes is a healthy dose of wanderlust.

Another highly underrated destination for Armenians is Colombia delivering sun, sand, rainforest, and an easy-to-apply Colombia visa - everything you need for a fabulous vacation.

Here is a look at the top reasons you might want to move Colombia to the top of your travel bucket list for 2023.


Discover diverse fauna and flora

Few people know that this south American treasure holds the biggest diversity of plant and animal species in the world.

You will find more than 1,500 bird species alone, many of whom are incomprehensibly colorful like toucans and flamingos.

Botanical gardens have over 130,000 plant species and you will even find captivating creatures below the water’s surface including piranha and electrical eels.

Jaguars, armadillos, spectacled bears, ocelots, peccaries, and tapirs round off the list of weird and wacky animals you can find in Colombia but the main attraction is undoubtedly the adorable sloths that are native to the rainforests of central and south America.


Get a caffeine kick

The words Colombia and coffee are almost inseparable and this is a must-visit for coffee snobs and caffeine addicts alike. 

Colombia has three distinct coffee regions and this is one of the foremost places in the world to explore single-origin coffee straight from the source.

You can do a coffee tour in the city or head out into the Andes to visit coffee farms, and learn about farming, roasting, and the art of pouring the perfect cuppa’.

Laze on the beach

Panama splits the Colombian coast into two distinct sections with each offering a completely different ocean experience.

To the north, you are spoiled with tranquility and turquoise waters as the Caribbean Sea washes ashore.

Snorkel to your heart’s content and enjoy the calm sea around places like Cartagena and Santa Marta.

Look up treasures like Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona to find long stretches of golden sand decorated with swaying palm trees and dense forest.

Adventure seekers might prefer the southern coast where the pacific waters come crashing to the shore, perfect for surfing and finding solitude along the stretches of undeveloped coastline.


Get your blood pumping with adventure tourism

Speaking of adventure, Colombia is the place to be if you are looking to get an adrenaline fix like no other.

The country’s combination of ocean, forest, and mountain is a bona fide playground for thrill seekers, creating a smorgasbord of adventure opportunities.

Go ziplining through rainforest canopies, watch the sunrise from a hot-air balloon, hike deep into the Andes, or whizz around on an ATV over the Taroa Dunes.

On top of that, Colombia offers some of the most competitive prices for these notoriously expensive activities.


Capture the culture

One would be remiss to not explore the rich culture of Colombia and soak in as much of its vibrancy and infectious spirit as possible.

Each region also has a distinct flavor with different ethnicities priding themselves in traditions like dress, folklore, and food.

Go shopping for colorful handcrafts in Santa Marta, attend the Carnival of Barranquilla, or go salsa dancing in Cali.

Colombia has a long colonial history and the balance of colonialist architecture and contemporary reform has given cities like Bogota and Medellin a completely unique atmosphere.

Take a street art tour or visit local communities to get a true sense of each city’s rhythm and grab every opportunity you see to learn about Colombian culture.


Food, food, and more food

We saved the best for last: food! Latin American cuisine is the stuff of legends, and the gastronomy in Colombia is no different.

From humble offerings like Pandebono (a cloudlike cheesy bread) and Obleas (round soft wafer with caramel spread) to meals that pack a punch like the streetside Fritanga trays, you are in for a treat.

Colombian food is heralded as some of the most flavorful in the world and it is based on the principle that through spices, creativity, and spirit you can zhoosh up basic ingredients like beans, rice, and eggs.

Don’t forget to enjoy an Aguardiente-based drink to get a taste of Colombian fire water along with your daring dinner