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Armenian volunteers help elderly to cope with coronavirus pandemic

A number of Armenian charities and volunteers have joined the international "We are Together" project aimed at coping with the human coronavirus pandemic.

Statistics from the World Health Organization show that mortality from the disease increases with age of the infected. In patients over the age of 65 this rate is up to 15%.

German company “Waldheim International GmbH”, has launched a global information-volunteering platform called “Wir sind zusammen” (“We Are Together”), which aims to provide assistance to the elderly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Elderly people in Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Cyprus, Armenia, the Czech Republic, Russia and the US can apply for help through the project website, and volunteer assistants can offer and provide that assistance.

In addition, online information on COVID-19, organized forms of assistance, volunteer and charitable organizations, phone numbers of various hotlines, as well as other relevant information are updated online.

“Waldheim International GmbH” is a German company which headquarters office is in Munich. Her main job is to take elderly people to retirement homes, as well as provide various services related to nursing homes.