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Video Interview

The outflow of money overwhelms the inflow; it is like bleeding - Mikayel Melkumyan (video)

Prosperous Armenia MP Mikayel Melkumyan thinks that 2019 has been the worst year in terms of investment. In a conversation with A1+ he said that foreign direct investment in the first 9 months of this year amounted to about 32 billion drams, by the end of the year it may reach 50-60 billion drams, but it is a small number for the development of the economy, especially when taking into account the economic revolution that has taken place.

Moreover, in his words, much of the investment made in Armenia has come out of the country. The MP also touched upon the negotiations over the price of gas with Russia for the past year. "If the losses and costs are reduced, gas prices could fall by 4-6 percent," he said.