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All the steps in the identification process take quite some time. ICRC

The sides of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict continue collecting and exchanging remains of fallen soldiers under the auspices of the Russian peacekeeping forces and in our presence as a humanitarian neutral intermediary. All the steps in the identification process take quite some time. While it is painful for families, there will be a need for a lot of patience to allow the staff in charge of this process to be as accurate and as professional as possible.
📌When a retrieval operation is organized by the authorities, we are invited to participate as an observer. We cannot confirm the place and time of retrieval operations decided by the sides.
📌Retrieval of remains is merely one step in the identification process, which begins before retrieval operations with the collection and analysis of data on deceased individuals and their current location.
📌Following retrieval, remains are then analyzed at a forensic examination facility. Depending upon the situation, multiple types of analysis may be necessary.
📌The legal step of identifying remains only comes after these preceding steps.
📌It is not until all necessary steps of the identification process take place and a positive identification is made that deceased individuals can be returned to their loved ones.