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Last night, Azeris used the cover of darkness and managed to capture Qubatlu (Sanasar) and move forward in some directions (video)

Early this morning, the Azerbaijani armed forces, their terrorist allies, as well as units of the armed forces of other countries, launched a large-scale offensive in the south-eastern direction, simultaneously shelling and bombing the cities of Artsakh. An official statement about civilian casualties has already been released.
Throughout the day, Azerbaijani assaults failed to break through the front. The adversary had perceived successes in some places, but our units managed to retake ground in a counter-attack and restore the front line.
In the forested mountains of the villages north of Hadrut, the search and destruction operations of subversive groups continue. Some subversive fleeing groups even abandoned their vehicles, but fighting continued in several villages. Search and destroy missions continue in this sector.
Artsrun Hovhannisyan