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Only the places of banks are shown to the villagers - Protest action in front of government (video)

Employees of the agricultural market at the Kasyan-Komitas crossroads were protesting in front of the government building.

According to the decision of the municipality, that fair should be closed due to the fact that the residents and the neighboring businesses have submitted complaints to the Arabkir district administration.

"The residents do not complain to us, the head of the district does not want the villagers from different regions to continue their work. How shameful it is that in Russia they want to create markets for us, but in our country the villagers are taken out, and only the places of the banks are shown to us," says Levon Grigoryan, an agriculturist in the village of Bardzrashen in the Ararat region.

They were offered to move to the area adjacent to Hrazdan Stadium, however, thr protestors say that they have been selling their crops in that market for years, and they have already had their buyers.

However, the protestors did not get any response today.