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Arpine Hovhannisyan and her team to apply to court for recent admissions issues

Former Minister of Justice, former NA Vice Speaker, head of "Legal Education և Control" NGO Arpine Hovhannisyan made a post on her Facebook page, where she tounched upon the recent issues regarding the admission processes of universities.

"I have been following the situation for several days now. In fact, nearly a thousand applicants have faced uncertainty, failing to find solutions to the dilemma caused by the ministry's reckless approach. For the time being, I was silent about the whole legal process, to study in depth the legal acts that were the basis for admission, to consult with a number of lawyers specializing in the field, as a result of which I came to the conclusion that the legal acts underlying the entrance exams were adopted with errors.

That is why, within the framework of the activities of our non-governmental organization, my team of lawyers and I are going to apply to the Administrative Court, challenging the legality of the legal act on the basis of which the adoption was made.
All young people, who want to go to court, can contact us at 099066076 or email [email protected]"