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Which products have risen in price and why (video) (video)

The Chairman of the State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition, Gegham Gevorgyan states that the price of gasoline in Armenia has fallen in recent days, the price is expected to drop in April, but they conducted a study in this area to understand the regulation of diesel and gasoline prices related to oil and other products.

He also says there is no shortage of medical supplies, but there is a slight increase in prices. However, this did not affect to the price of alcogel.

"We have high prices on potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, bananas, kiwi, tangerines. But it is related to the season, as March is the most expensive season for agricultural greenhouse products, and it is often expensive in this period."

There has been no increase in cereal prices, oil has risen not so much, and studies are being conducted to find out whether it is due to the fluctuation of the dollar currency or the businessmen have decided to sell expensive.

"The price of chicken eggs now fluctuates around 40 drams. It has not increased in price, but normalized. No significant change in the price of dairy products is obvious. There are cases that the price of milk and yogurt has gone up, we need to study to find out if it is related to the increase in the price of milk powder or other phenomena."

Gegham Gevorgyan mentioned that nowadays, 10 companies produce alcogel and the prices of these vary depending on the size. Along with production volumes, the price of alcogel may decrease. And the rise in price of masks is due to their rise in the global market.