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The Tradition of Eating Wild Animals and Deadly Diseases (video)

Snakes, bats and a number of other wild animals and birds are an important part of food in Southeast Asian countries.

 At important parties and anniversaries, if snakes and bats are served, the most part of the guests uses that dish.

 But these animals were the cause of the spread of coronavirus, which has already become a pandemic.  In China, the government has shut down all animal sales markets, banning the hunting, sale and purchase of wild animals.

 As Cofford Allan, a spokesman for the World Wildlife Fund's Washington branch, says, it would be good to follow China's example in other countries around the world to prevent the spread of COVID 19 disease.

 There are such markets in Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar, which, according to the specialist, may become new sources of spread of the disease.  But in these countries it is not easy to ban what has been a source of food for centuries.

 People here have never had any fears about eating snakes or bats.  And as the locals say, they are not afraid, as they are cooked in specially designed ways.

 Proponents of nature conservation insist  that the application of strictures will also benefit wildlife.

 Therefore, the protection of wildlife is crucial not only for wildlife but also for human health and life.