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Governor Hayk Chobanyan: There will be no unused land in Tavush Province within 2 years (video)

From now on, agriculture, tourism, light industry, and education will be the priority sectors of Tavush Province of Armenia. The governor of Tavush, Hayk Chobanyan, told this to reporters today, on the 100th day of his tenure in this capacity.
According to Chobanyan, more than 61 investment projects are already being implemented in Tavush.
But as per the governor, the absence of sincerity and justice is the two biggest obstructing circumstances in governance.
“For years, people have not trusted the authorities,” Chobanyan said. “Now the time has come for sincere, fair, transparent governance. The country should be brought to its feet without dictatorship. And let’s not speak about our ancient civilization, but let’s become the most civilized nation.” 
In the provincial governor’s words, they will do everything they can so that there will be no unused land in Tavush within two years. According to Chobanyan, they need to restore and value the work of the agronomists and veterinarians, and to educate the villagers with the training programs.
The governor added that Tavush shall become one of Armenia’s tourism gems, and said they will develop both health resort and rehabilitation as well cultural tourism in this province. 
Also, Hayk Chobanyan stated that all programs and initiatives will be viewed from a security perspective, and the Tavush border villages shall be protected and resistant. 
“We are building a developing, creative, powerful, and dignified Tavush” the governor of this province concluded.