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ArmenianPowerSpell 2016 - Armenian texts WITHOUT MISTAKES (video)


The group of developers of the program to check the spelling of Armenian ArmenianPowerSpell continues to please its customers. Thousands of organizations (including government and educational institutions, as well as ministries and banks) and users all over Armenia and Diaspora are using a program that can check not only spelling but also basic grammar, punctuation, recognize the names, as well as sense sequences and, in some cases, unrelated or incorrectly connected sequences of words and sentences. The program corrects every day tens of thousands of language mistakes 2016 version is a convenient instrument adapted to the realities of life, which copes with the complicated problem of correcting Armenian texts. The program turns even illiterately written text without punctuation into a, readable one, not forgetting to teach the user the Armenian language with the help of predictions. ArmenianPowerSpell 2016 also recognizes slang and swearing, allowing translate it into the correct format. The new version includes a powerful English-Russian-Armenian Dictionary (320 thousand translations) with automatic detection of the language. One of the most interesting features is the ability to offer options for Armenian words from Russian or English, for example կոմպյուտեր -համակարգիչ, ստրախովկա - ապահովագրություն, which allows to learn Armenian better. The new version provides unique opportunities for correction and analysis of texts that has not had any analogues before among the products of the Armenian language. Program’s algorithm provides accuracy of 99.5%, and the dictionary covers more than 1,270.000 word forms and about 10 million combinations of words, being the largest electronic dictionary of Armenian language. But the program corrects not only spelling mistakes, it also checks basic grammar, punctuation, some sense sequences and unrelated word forms and spaces in sentences. In short, the program carries out a thorough check of the text and documents, giving, as a result, a high-quality text. The new version also includes three additional new vocabularies to add abbreviations, names and new words or terms. We have also increased the level of customer service. The license is now available for a period of 3 months to 3 years. Accordingly, the price range of 7000- 50000 AMD makes the program available to the general public. Hot line 010 566288, the program can also be purchased online. Technical service eliminates any technical problems associated with the installation or use of the product. Forget about the mistakes in the texts, prepare high-quality documents - use ArmenianPowerSpell 2016. Free 7-day trial version of the program can be downloaded from the website: Facebook: