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“Gender equality will never become an issue in Karabakh”

These gates doesn’t have much to tell, though, famous wine of Karabakh, ‘Kataro’, is made inside these gates. The Director says that ‘Kataro’ is a result of nervousness, “They purveyed grape at AMD 65, and we got angry and started making wine ourselves.” Togh village has its own means for perpetuating the memory; every person entering the village should know that Vrezh and Armencho died young.

Lonely Wolf is an indisputable authority in Karabakh

Every visitor of Karabakh will be offered to visit Hunot Canyon. Water flowing over these nice umbrellas covered with moss is constant. Though, someone has managed to distort this natural wonder with the proof of their love.

Cold weather forced fishmongers to find creative solutions

Cold weather forced fishmongers to find creative solutions

“There won’t be war, but there will be territorial change on both sides”

In connection with this issue, Arman Navasardyan noted, “There won’t be large-scale war, but there will be territorial changes on both sides.”

Charles Aznavour and Francois Hollande discuss situation in Artsakh

They discussed the escalation of Karabakh conflict and the current situation in Karabakh.

NKR MoD: At night adversary violated cease-fire

The DA vanguard units mainly refrained from retaliatory actions.

Has Azerbaijan decided to end hostilities?

And as they have sustained significant losses while keeping those positions, they want to end the situation. The Armenian side still hasn’t made a final decision.

Heated clashes continue: adversary thrown back sustaining significant losses

The operations of the Karabakh forces are proceeding successfully also in the southern part of the battle line. Confronting the adversary’s missile-artillery and panzer attacks, the DA units destroyed two hostile tanks and one fighting vehicle in the southern wing.

The President sent an address

On 28 June Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan sent an address in connection with the opening of the “Education without Discrimination within the framework of the Bologne Process” international conference.


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