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Make your memorable day sweeter with "Mono"

Despite the fact that "Mono-Patiseri" French Confectionery Company entered the market only three years ago, but now it not only has its special place, but has also gained a huge army of loyal customers.

It's time to study English-It's English time

For achievement of this goal we are studying ourselves to provide the max efficient modern language courses:

Golden Hall opens at Golden Fork

The restaurant complex is open every day.

iPhone 4S already in Armenia

iPhone 4S, Apple's latest device put on sale 10 days after the death of company's co-founder Steve Jobs, is already available in Armenia.

Homes for sale on your iPhone offers a unique iPhone supplement, with updated announcements about real estate sales and rental areas.

Aronian ties his game against Spanish GM

Armenian Grandmaster Levon Aronian tied his game against Spain's Fransisco Vallejo Pons

inLOBBY global online system

inLOBBY tends to highlight that former deputy of RA National Assembly, Khachatur Sukiasyan, has played a vital role as an ideological, scientific leader and major shareholder of the company in the process of project realization and development.

Byblos Bank opens new branch in Vanadzor

The new branch, which will operate in the city center, shows the bank's determination to expand its high-quality services in the earthquake-stricken area and promote economic growth.

Dick Advocaat skeptical about second national team

"Football players will aspire to be involved in the national team. The creation of "B" squad may lead to a decrease in players' motivation. In most European countries, this idea didn't work out," he said.

"MONO"- little Paris in Yerevan

You can find different types of cakes designed with European style in "MONO" shops, and you can surprise the people you like and, of course, yourself by enjoying our production !

Armeconombank retains its best traditions

On February 10-11, Armeconombank OJSC hosted a workshop on the theme of "Commercial debt restructuring in trade finance functions."

Company will pay a 15% commission

Ingo-Armenia insurance company has introduced changes in its agreements with agents starting from February 1.

Byblos Bank

Armenia completes its three years of operations and engages to more development in the earthquake zone

"Arcolad" makes its way to Russia

"Arcolad" Armenian chocolate sweets will soon take place in the Russian market."Arcolad" CJSC signed the contract with Russian "Gurmet Rus Copmany".This company will import "Arcolad" chocolate sweets into Russian Federation, and will become their local distributor.

"Armenian Vernissage" on the Internet

"Breath of Armenia" or a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the works of Armenian fine arts


Car accidents, disasters, mishaps or dysfunctional tubes, incidents, unexpected health problems caused by incidents, property damage-all these are unpredictable, sometimes inextricable situations that must be confronted.

Armenian PowerSpell - new version

Armenian PowerSpell - new version of Armenian spelling and grammar checker.

Grave Tending Services in Armenia

Gerezman Solutions provides full range of professional grave care services in Armenia, including floral deliveries, restoration, grave stone design and installation...

Make Your Business More Accessible:

Unprecedented event in Armenian Internet. Complete information on organizations and specialists working in Armenia. Questions and answers, a great number of referrals to relevant websites. You can find all these by visiting the largest business-portal in Armenia.

"Ellipse" -the formula of your luck

Some people use the saying in the direct sense. To work calmly and to earn ones' living, one needs trust and confidence. One should be confident that his office and house are protected.

Armeconombank: Opening of a VIP hall

Being devoted to its corporate work style Armeconombank continues to present new surprises to its customers.

Armenian PowerSpell 2009

PowerSpell uses Armenian language specific scanning, it recognized all possible wordsusages and changes, detects words parts etc.

"We shall win if we move faster"

The halfback of Armenia's football team, Arthur Voskanyan, will not participate in the Estonia-Armenia return match because of the traumas received during a March 28 Armenia-Estonia meeting (2:2).

Organic fertilizer "Kavelon"

The liquid contains humate, fulvic acids, amino acids, vitamins, natural phytohormones, substances stimulating growth, micro and macro elements. Kavelon greatly raises the level of crop yield.


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