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Man is killed, his body is burned in Armavir (video) (video)

On December 18, at around 3:10pm, the Armavir city police department received a report on a serious crime.
The police officers who were dispatched to the scene of this crime found a burnt and unrecognizable body of a man. 
The identity of this man was found out on December 23; he Arayik Simonyan, 58, who had no permanent place of residence.
Before finding out his identity, however, the criminal investigators of Armavir had solved the murder; moreover, just a few hours after it was reported. Information was obtained that a 44-year-old man who is registered in Gyumri had killed this man and then burned his body.
On December 18, at 10:40pm, this man from Gyumri was found on a street in Armavir city, was taken to the police department as a suspect, then handed over to the regional investigative body.
He was charged and remanded in custody.
The investigation of this murder case continues.