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Opinion: Our anthem is pitiable; we are always crying (video)


Our fellow citizens can only sing the first verse of the national anthem. “No, I cannot remember the words,” said one of our respondents. “I cannot remember it till the end,” said another. “Song of the Italian Girl,” a poem written by Mikael Nalbandian about half a century ago, became the lyrics of the national anthem of the First Republic in 1918 and that of the Third Republic in 1991. Only the name was changed and it was renamed "Mer Hayrenik” (Our Fatherland). On June 15, the day of Armenian state symbols, our citizens have contradictory opinions about the anthem and coat of arms. “Once, Mount Ararat was clearly visible on the Coat of Arms, but now it is not. I would like it to be more expressive,” said a citizen. “Our anthem is pitiable; I would like it to be more alive. We are always crying,” said another. Details in the video