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Close those churches, please! - Bagrat Asatryan (video)

Economist Bagrat Asatryan, former chairman of the Central Bank, does not think that the coronavirus epidemic will have a big impact on the birth rate. Of course, people will be more careful, they will postpone their plans to have a child, but when the epidemic ends, both marriages and births will continue at a normal pace.

It should be reminded that the RA Statistical Committee summed up the 2020 Demographic marriages in January-May, which showed that compared to the same period last year, the number of marriages has decreased by 2071 or 33.2%.

The economist also thinks that the authorities have done almost nothing in order to have a population of 5 million, create 1.5 million jobs, increase GDP 15 times and achieve other goals, as promised by Niko Pashinyan.

"I am asking a question to the 2-year-old government: has anything been done in this direction?" Not much has been done. The main thing that they are doing is fighting corruption of the former ones. It is necessary, but not enough," says the economist.

Bagrat Asatryan is concerned about the fact that neither the Armenian authorities nor the public use strict measures to fight against the epidemic. He was shocked by the carelessness of the people and the crowds gathered in Geghardavank, on the shores of Lake Sevan and elsewhere.

"They are 'killing' each other for the candles, close those churches, please!"