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"Diana Harutyunyan" Is not the only one - Discussion with deputies (video)

On New Year's Eve, the National Security Service arrested a man, who had a fake page named "Diana Harutyunyan" in Facebook.

On January 3, "Diana Harutyunyan's" Facebook page posted information that Nikol Pashinyan allegedly congratulated Donald Trump on the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. The news was quickly spread by Azerbaijani and Iranian media.

Now, "Diana Harutyunyan" is under arrest, but not for the fake page with the girl name, but for inciting national, racial or religious hatred, as well as having illegal access to computer information.

The law enforcement officials are still silent about who the real "Diana Harutyunyan" is,  but the fact is that she is not the only one. 

The guests of A1+ are "My step" MP Sargis Khandanyan and "Bright Armenia" MP Ani Samsonyan. They also have "fake friends" and will discuss how to deal with them.

Details are presented in the video.