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“Barev, Rob”: violence against the journalist of A1+ (video)


The poster with the note “Barev Rob” appeared on the gates of the NA building for 5 minutes. “Counterattack” group was reminding with its action how 13 years ago in Aragast café for saying “Privet, Rob”, Georgian citizen Poghos Poghosyan was beaten and killed by Robert Kocharyan’s bodyguards. “”Barev Rob” action participants didn’t face violence today but the poster appeared on the ground after several minutes by the NA security employee. The man, who didn’t introduce himself, also hindered the work of A1+ journalist by grabbing the camera. Security employee also spoke disrespectfully with other journalist. Later he wanted to calm down the situation and said to A1+ journalist that he was a bite rude. It is the fifth action of “Counterattack” near the NA. We remind that the bodyguard Aghamal Harutyunyan with the nickname Kuku, who killed the Georgian citizen, only was sentenced to a conditional sentence.