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Moscow market belongs to the Azerbaijanis, they do not allow our trucks to enter the market - Naira Zohrabyan


A call to our compatriots in Moscow ⚠️⚠️⚠️

NA Deputy Naira Zohrabyan's call is presented below:

"Our dear compatriots living in Moscow,

I recently received a call from our compatriots, who transported agricultural products and apricots from Moscow.
The 'Food City' wholesale trade market in Moscow belongs to the Azerbaijanis and the latter do not allow our trucks loaded with apricots to enter the market. At the moment, our trucks are in the parking lot of the market and about 1000 tons of apricots will rot.
Beloved ones, this is also a war from which we must come out together.
Help our compatriots, go to the parking lot of 'Food City' market and buy the fruits brought from Armenia!

Dear Armenians living in Moscow, let us jointly show that no Azeri provocation will succeed.
Hurry to the 'Food City' market, our compatriots are waiting for you!