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How to protect the data of those infected with the coronavirus from Azerbaijani hackers

Why does media expert Samvel Martirosyan belives that Azerbaijani hackers publish the data of people infected with the coronavirus by breaking the e-mail?

In a conversation with "A1+", the media expert explains that first the hackers themselves wrote that they received the data via e-mail.

"I don't think they're cheating because they would have made a much more serious impression if they had written that they had broken a database than an email."

Martirosyan claims that he is familiar with the working style of such hacker team, they mainly deceive and steal passwords through various letters.

The media expert also assumes that if they broke a single database, they would publish all the information at once, while what was published was scattered information.

To our question whether it is possible to somehow prevent the leakage of that data, the media expert said that it is possible and is very easy.

"They should create protocols for working with information, so that it is clear who has the right to own the files and who does not. Second, it should be clear what are the methods by which these files should be stored and it should be clear what emails can be used."

The media expert also thinks that people working with that data should be educated more in terms of information.

"I assure you that if one day of training had been carried out, nothing like that would have happened. This is a matter of the human factor. ”