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For the sake of our families, stay at home, help the doctors - Anna Hakobyan

Prime Minister' wife Anna Hakobyan writes on her facebook page:

"It is difficult to stay at home in these for our family, too. We understand that you have missed your classes, friends, work or spring walks in Yerevan. However, at this moment, our high consciousness is of the utmost importance.

The worldwide death and infected toll is terrible. Fortunately, we do not have death cases, but the number of infected people is still worrying.

Therefore, for the sake of us, our families, our children, our parents, our friends, our fellow citizens, our country and our people, stay at home, help doctors and other bodies to overcome this epidemic faster.

Let's help them to return their routine sooner.

May God protect our country and our people!''

P.S. Photo is of January 2019.