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Everyone is in satisfactory condition, no one's life in danger - Healthcare Minister (video) (video)

At the government session, Minister of Healthcare Arsen Torosyan presents the situation caused by coronavirus. He notes that there are 115 confirmed cases of coronavirus 1 of which has been treated. He says that everyone feels good, there are only five patients with a temperature of just above 38, no one’s temperature is above 39, and 34 patients have temperature above 37. There are 13 people older than 60, none of whom has high temperature, so there is no danger to their lives.
Arsen Torosyan explains that nobody’s life is in danger. According to the minister, hospitalization continues with the same logic, that is, if there is a confirmed case, the patient is kept under the supervision of doctors, and the range of contacts is isolated in special places, and in some cases self-isolation is carried out. Introducing the situation in the world, Arsen Torosyan mentions that in China have they managed to “extinguish” the outbreaks of coronavirus but they continue intensively in Europe.