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Armenian school team wins 4 medals at Caucasus 5th Math Olympiad

 Four students from the 9th grade of the special Physic-Mathematical school after Shahinyan have won four bronze medals in the 5th Caucasian Mathematical Olympiad 2020 held in Mykop, Russia. It is noteworthy that all the students in the Junior League- Stepan Gevorgyan, Vyacheslav Petrosyan, Hayk Khachatryan and Mark Movsisyan participated in the Junior League and International Olympiad for the first time. The team was led by a mathematics teacher at the school Suren Grigoryan. During the Olympiad the students had the opportunity to participate in various educational and cultural events lectures by outstanding mathematicians.

About 200 pupils from 14 southern regions of Russia and 10 other states, including Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Luxembourg, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkey took part in the Olympiad.  Organizing committee of 5th Caucasian Mathematical Olympiad thanked Armenia’s Minister of Education, Science,Culture and Sport for schoolchildren’s successful participation.