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Editor-in-chief of Aztag: Serzh Sargsyan's speech was speech of opposition figure (video)

Editor-in-chief of Aztag newspaper of Lebanon, journalist Shahan Kandaharian, was attending a conference dedicated to the 225th anniversary of Aztarar, the first periodical of the Armenian press, at the National Library of Armenia,
Speaking to A1+, Kandaharian said that it is welcomed that this conference has brought together media scholars, historians, media figures and editors. According to Aztag’s editor-in-chief, professionalism in Armenia’s press is clear. "There are reports and analyses here with a truly pan-Armenian sound and capacity, which are also used by the Diaspora Armenian press," he said.
Speaking about the situation in Syria, Kandaharian said that the current atmosphere in Syria’s Armenian-populated cities of Aleppo and Kessab is calmer than in the north of Syria, particularly in the areas around Qamishli. He said that the road from Aleppo to various cities and connecting to Lebanon is open, and traffic is relatively normal.
Regarding Lebanon itself, the chief editor of Aztag said that after the resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, the protests created an uncertain situation, and there is no executive power in the country at this time.
Regarding the Istanbul Convention, Shahan Kandaharian said that if the Armenian Constitution defines the notion of "family" to be coexistence between a man and a woman and if the Istanbul Convention has a different idea regarding the notion of "family," then it runs counter.
Referring to the speech of the Republican Party of Armenia chairman Serzh Sargsyan at the European People's Party Congress on November 20, Kandaharian said it was a speech by an opposition figure.
Speaking about a settlement to the Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) conflict, the journalist said that there is no new breakthrough in the negotiations, but the priority is to return Artsakh to the negotiating table.
And asked what he understands from Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's statement that there should be a solution to the Artsakh issue that would satisfy the peoples of Armenia, Karabakh and Azerbaijan, alike, Aztag’s chief editor responded that it would be an appropriate step to extend the status quo because it is not easy to find a formula that satisfies the conflicting parties