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Irrigation water cracked. Residents of Kaghtsrashen community protesting in front of government (video)

Residents of Kaghtsrashen community of Ararat region staged a protest in front of the government. They say that it is already  four days that the irrigation water is cracked which directly harms the harvest.
According to Khachik Sahakyan, a resident of the community, workers do not want to clean the water, as they say they do not get enough money for that.  
Residents say that 170 liters of water should go out in just one second, but only 70 liters water comes out.
The representative of the government met the protesters, assuring that the large pump was turned on and took off 160 liters of water. The residents of Kaghtsrashen have gone with the appropriate specialist to measure the pump operation and if the water does not correspond to the specified numbers, they will again take respective measures.