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There has not been any fight or physical violence - Arsen Julfalakyan


The citizen, Sergei Mkhitaryan, has filed a report to police that Member of Parliament, the Greco-Roman wrestler and Olympic silver medalist Arsen Julfalakyan and his father physically assaulted him. Police have launched proceedings to validate the report.

Arsen Julfalakyan has denied media reports alleging that he and his father physically assaulted a man in Yerevan. The victim, according to media reports, is a Sergei Mkhitaryan.

“There has not been any fight or physical violence by me or certainly Levon Julfalakyan. Sergei Mkhitaryan is a co-owner with us of a café and we met yesterday to discuss business, which proceeded in a bit more tense atmosphere than usual. He fell sick during the conversation (later on a nurse said it was his blood pressure…), we called an ambulance and he was hospitalized.

Afterwards, upon learning of the statement that he has made, we voluntarily went to a police station to clarify the reasons of this behavior and why it was done,” he said on Facebook.

“Those who know me know that I am totally against violence,” he added.