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Gagik Makaryan

Why should a Swiss or American want to come to Armenia? (video)

"When talking about economic changes, we should take into account how much preparation time we had and whether the state bodies were aware of the economic situation as much as needed. In this case, I can hardly answer whether there was an economic revolution or not," said Gagik Makaryan, President of the Union of Employers of Armenia.

Gagik Makaryan notes that there are certain complaints. One of them is that the majority of state officials are unable to create a motivated working environment in their departments. Another dissatisfaction is that the National Assembly is new and it includes mostly young people. There is still a problem of regulation with the role of oponent.
 According to the President of the Union of Employers of Armenia, there is certain activity only in terms of investments, but those who make investments are of Armenian descent.
"Investments for the economic revolution are very important and in this respect we have to consider how much we have the advantage of the developed countries and why the Swiss should want to come to Armenia," he said.