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Tigran Hekekyan: Vardan Sarmakesh deliberately dumped the pit, so that the building would be destroyed (video)


Armen Abroyan, head of the RA Ministry of Culture and History Monument Protection Agency, referring to the collapse of the building of "Little Singers of Armenia "as a result of the construction started in April 2018, stated that the activities carried out within the framework of the "Old Yerevan" program were illegal. The program of accompanying construction has not been coordinated with the Ministry of Culture. The construction was committed with a criminal offense. "As for the building. the building of "Aram 23" was a strong building and before digging up the pit, ie until May-June, 2018, it was standing and it could be stated by the Ministry of Culture, which has always carried out monitoring," says Tigran Hayekyan, head of "Little Singers of Armenia." The latter mentions that construction engineer Vardan Serkmakesh deliberately dumped the pit so that the building would be destroyed. According to Hekekyan, before the collapse of the building, in the afternoon, a large fragment of tuff fall into that area of the construction. So, the author of the "Old Yerevan" program Levon Vardanyan came to the construction site when informing about that. There was a conflict between the latter and Abroyan. "The building of "Aram 23" should be collapsed," said Levon Vardanyan during the dispute, according to Hekekyan.