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National minorities dissatisfied with new bill (video)


Representatives of 9 national minorities in Armenia demand the establishment of the draft law "On National Minorities" under the Prime Minister in the RA They have addressed an open letter to the Speaker of the National Assembly and the Minister of Justice. According to them, under the new bill the status of the coordinating agency is reduced, as only the Commission of the Public Council will deal with national minorities. Not all communities' representatives today have accepted the invitation to participate in the discussion of the bill with the Deputy Justice Minister Vigen Kocharyan at the Public Council. "Vigen Kocharyan met with us at the Coordinating Council. When we presented our complaints and objections, his position was, "I am a lawyer, you read and did not understand, so I will explain to you now." What is the meaning, if we have already discussed and understood our position," says a representative of the Assyrian community. All MPs have been notified of the concerns of representatives of national minorities about the status of the coordinating council, and if their complaints are not resolved, they are ready to apply to international structures. It should be noted that the Coordinating Council was established on June 15, 2000, by the order of Robert Kocharyan. Its aim was to ensure the protection of national minorities, as well as to activate their relations with communities. By the new bill, the Coordinating Council will be abolished.