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Nikol Pashinyan: I do not want this to continue (video)


The head of the Yelk (Way Out) faction of the National Assembly Nikol Pashinyan is ready to be the leader of the people if they do not want Serzh Sargsyan to head the country since April as Prime Minister. In fact, Serzh Sargsyan will head the country for the third time, as Armenia moves to the parliamentary administration and powers pass to the Prime Minister. Will the citizens join Nikol Pashinyan? "I do not want this to continue, my nation is being destroyed, I do not want it to be worse than now, even if it happens, we will not lose anything, we will lose nothing, to tell the truth I do not believe in medicine, when they say go and take the medicine; I do not wantthis medicine, why should I drink it? Here it is the same," said one of the citizens. Being against Serzh Sargsyan becoming Prime Minister, many will not take part in the protests, because they are not sure of success. Optimists are also many. They will take part, because they want to see a positive change. Yesterday, at a meeting with civil activists, Nikol Pashinyan described the transfer of the Prime Minister's election from May 2 to April 17 as a clear hint from the party that it was Serzh Sargsyan who will be the head of the Republican faction. Nikol Pashinyan is convinced that it is possible to prevent Serzh Sargsyan from staying in power if people join their indignation, which will begin on April 9.