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Erdogan's supporters again use force in US territory (video)

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Voice of America President Donald Trump met with Recep Erdogan, President of Turkey, during the UN General Assembly session in New York. President Donald Trump greeted the President of Turkey, calling him his friend, who rules a very difficult part of the world with honor. The sides discussed a number of issues of mutual interest. This was the first meeting after the incident taken place in Washington, D.C., when Erdogan's supporters and security officers beat anti-Erdogan demonstrators. Both Erdogan's bodyguards and security personnel of the Turkish Embassy took part in the incident. It happened short after the meeting of the presidents at the White House. Some days ago, another act of violence took place during the event in New York where Erdogan participated. Hours ago, before the presidents' meeting, in one of hotels in New York, Erdogan's supporters beat three demonstrators who had interrupted Erdogan's speech. In New York, Erdogan, in front of hundreds of participants, made a speech at the event organized by one of the Turkish-American business organizations. The President's speech was interrupted by a person who exclaimed the word "terrorist." The video shot by "Voice of America" shows how the security guards attempted to pull out the person from the hall to a safer segment, under the blows of Erdogan's supporters. Later, when the second person began to exclaim the same word, he was also subjected to violence by Erdogan's supporters, getting hit by the Turkish flag. The latter was also taken out of the hall by the security officers. The same thing happened with the third person. Erdogan responded by calling for calmness, emphasizing that there is no need to disrupt the event because of several terrorists. This is the second incident registered by the use of violent force in the past four months with the participation of Erdogan's security personnel, supporters in the United States, at President Erdogan's presence. In the past years, incidents were recorded when the Turkish security forces tried to use force against protesters.