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Plants are protected even by candles (video)

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This night Ararat region Hayanist village resident Alina Hambardzumyan was in the greenhouse. She was protecting cucumber and tomato seedlings from frostbite. For protecting plants from frost, she covered greenhouse with extra polyethylene cover and put candles: “We put polyethylene covers, lit candles, then we will wait and if it is very cold, we must smoke the greenhouses,”- says Mrs. Alina. The villagers lit 10 candles in each line. They are sure that candles’ heat will protect plants from frostbite. For protecting greenhouse from frostbite the villagers spent additional money, “We lit candles which cost 10 000 AMD and we spent 70 000 AMD on polyethylene covers, there was no other solution,”- he noted. According to Alina Hambardzumyan, heavy snow damaged the greenhouse, “Yesterday my sons and daughter-in-law were busy with it, heavy snow tore the cover, we reused the torn polyethylene covers,”- said the villager. Mrs. Alina doesn’t believe in weather forecasts, she does her own predictions and stresses that it won’t be too cold, “It won’t be too cold without the moon, and now it is new moon, it won’t be too cold.” She says that she can’t say surely whether she will save cucumbers and tomatoes from frostbite, “We live fighting with the weather and later we will see.”