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Regional conflicts don’t have a solution by force, and Armenia considers them unacceptable - Davit Tonoyan (video)

Armenian Defense Minister Davit Tonoyan delivered remarks at the joint defense ministerial meeting of CIS, Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the CSTO countries. Some important points from his remarks are presented below:

📌 Recently escalation of disagreements is observed in the South-Caucasian region, which in his words are the consequence of some countries expanding their ambitions.  

📌 The dynamically developing military-political developments in our region can be described as a conflict of geopolitical interests, the core factor of which is the absence of a common vision of security, as well as mechanisms for minimizing risks,” he said.

📌 Regional conflicts don’t have a solution by force, and Armenia considers unacceptable both military rhetoric and the attempts of involving new states in these conflicts with further escalation of the situation in the region.

📌 Russia’s presence in the region, as well as the deepening of the military-political cooperation between Armenia and Russia are highly important suppressing factors which contribute to regional stability and preservation of security.

📌 Our world has become more interconnected, any instability in any given region is fraught with negative consequences globally. In other words, in modern conditions regional security is impossible to be ensured autonomously – outside of global security system frameworks. The escalation of any regional issue is very directly impacting overall international security. This relates not only to military-political issues, but also the pandemic, which as the experience of the majority of countries showed grew into a universal security problem,” Tonoyan said.

📌 Armenia’s strategic interests sector’s domain includes not only the Caucasian region but the entire CSTO zone, as well as the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean region. Armenia is interested in peace and stability in these regions.