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First couple babies born by state program against infertility born

The first couple babies born by the state program against infertility were born.
After 5 years of impartiality, the young family had a couple, a girl and a boy. The young couple appealed to the Human Reproductive Health Center of ′′ Shengavit ′′ Medical Center, where gynecologist-reproductologist Margarita Grigoryan was responsible for extracurricular fertility within the framework of the state program against infertility.
After the result of the pregnancy, 27 Greta Hovhannisyan was found under immediate control of ′′ Shengavit ′′ medical center Shushanik Bakhshyan, as the whole pregnancy process was complicated. On June 29th, 31, medical instructions made in Caesar. Couple babies were born, a girl weighing 1470 grams and a boy weighing 1330 grams. The neonatologist Arthur Janazyan's care and care were found in the intensive therapy department of ′′ Shengavit ′′ medical center, under neonatologist Arthur Janazyan's control and care. They have received appropriate treatment, as a result of which they have already been dismissed from the hospital today in healthy, enough condition. Parents are grateful to ′′ Shengavit ′′ Medical Center, RA Ministry of Health, doctors, gynecologist-reprodukologist Margarita Grigoryan, pediatrician-gynecologist Shushanik Bakhshyan, neonatologist Arthur Ghanazyan and all medical staff of ′′ Shengavit ′′ medical center, For a warm and professional approach.
We wish health to the children, and 5 years later, peaceful and happy days to the parents who tasted happiness. Happiness has no formula, you just need to be happy. P.S. Photos are published with parents permission.