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Citizens respond to Robert Kocharyan's observations (video)

In an interview with "Channel 5," "H2" and "Yerkir Media" TV Channels, Robert Kocharyan criticized Nikol Pashinyan's domestic and foreign policy, spoke about the need for a change of government, not ruling out mass pressure by closing streets and making demonstrations.

"A1+" today tried to find out whether there is a public demand for a change of government due to face-to-face surveys with the citizens.

Actually, there was no need for a change of government among the surveyed citizens․ "I do not believe that there will be a change of government at all," said one of the citizens.

There were citizens who, were not seeing a public demand for a change of government, but at the same time complained about the policy pursued by the current government.

There were people, who were criticizing Kocharyan․ "Let Robert Kocharyan think about how he ruled Armenia in his time, decide accordingly whether there is a need for a change of government or not, I do not agree with him," said one of the interviewed citizens.

We also asked the citizens about the unification of the opposition forces and the possible changes, but most of them did not have serious expectations from the unification.

Details are in the video.