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Winners of Jermuk Chess Tournament announced

The Stepan Avagyan Memorial Chess Tournament ended in Jermuk today.

The first place was taken by Artsakh chess player Manuel Petrosyan, who scored 8 points out of 9 and left his opponents far behind.

The second place was taken by the former champion of Armenia Hayk Martirosyan, who had 6.5 points.

The third place was taken by 18-year-old Armenian grandmaster Shant Sargsyan, who had 6 points.

The rest of the places were taken by the following chess players:

Tigran K. Harutyunyan - 5 points
Arman Mikaelyan - 4.5 points
Arthur Davtyan - 4.5 points
David Shahinyan - 3.5 points
Mamikon Gharibyan - 3.5 points
Anna M. Sargsyan - 3 points
Armen Ar. Barseghyan - 0.5 points