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Seyran Ohanyan's lawyer tests positive for coronavirus

The court hearing in the case of Robert Kocharyan and others to be held on May 26 will most likely be postponed. According to "Fastinfo," a coronavirus infection was found in one of the defenders of the former Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia Seyran Ohanyan and an application was submitted to postpone the sitting.

Karen Mezhlumyan, a member of the advocacy team, confirmed the information. An infection was found in lawyer Inessa Petrosyan.

Taking into account the fact that Seyran Ohanyan has two lawyers, Karen Mezhlumyan and Inessa Petrosyan, who are married, they cannot appear in court, so Mezhlumyan submitted an application to postpone the hearing. It should be noted that the result of the test was negative for Mezhlumyan, but he still is considered as a contact person.