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A 2-month-old baby and its mother are infected with coronavirus - Arsen Torosyan (video) (video)

Health Minister Arsen Torosyan presented the situation of coronavirus on Facebook shortly before. He notes that it is especially important to protect the elderly and those with chronic diseases from coronavirus so that they do not become infected.  

“Yesterday, about 40 people were released from isolation. Today, we can say that we have 10 more treated citizens,” he said. As for the other patients, the minister said that one person is in extremely serious condition, one is in serious condition and the life of others is not in danger.  The minister said that he was asked at yesterday’s press conference about the 2-month-old baby being infected, but he had not had that information yet. Today he confirmed that the 2-month-old baby and its mother were infected with coronavirus.  “There is a case of a 2-month-old baby being infected, I want to confirm. The baby has no symptoms at all and is at hospital with mother are under the supervision of doctors”, the minister said.   Details in the video