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How you feel in self-isolation? - Survey

It has been a week that Armenia has declared a state of emergency.

People are forced to stay at home and go out only in case of extreme necessity. The whole world is in the same situation.

Empty streets, deserted neighborhoods, people are mostly closed at home. The international media writes that in China, for example, as a result of self-isolation, the number of divorces has increased sharply.

What is the situation in Armenia? How do people feel closed at home?

A1+ appeals to a reader to find out the mood of people in these conditions.

In addition to the answers, you can leave your comment.

How do you feel in self-isolation?

  • I'm terribly bored, I can't stand isolation any longer.
  • It's great, I enjoy the pleasure of staying at home and having some free time.
  • I work from home and do not have time to get bored.
  • Some feelings of panic emerge with the result of being isolated.
  • Nothing has changed in my life, I continue my routine without any isolation.