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New regulations for trucks in Georgia

 The State Revenue Committee informs that according to the information received from the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Georgia, the Revenue Service of Georgia’s Ministry of Finance has established new regulations for trucks in Georgia due to the worldwide spread of coronavirus.

Control has been tightened for the trucks which came from countries with the high risk of spreading the coronavirus over the last 14 days including China, South Korea, Italy, Iran, Austria, Germany, France, Norway, Switzerland, Spain and Denmark.

The truck drivers who had been in the aforementioned countries in the last 14 days and those importing goods to Georgia will be replaced by others who do not belong to the risky group, and the customs authorities will disinfect the cars. If the driver of the truck is a foreigner, he will return to the country from which he arrived, and if he is a citizen of Georgia, he will be sent to quarantine. In other cases, the cargo trailer may be replaced with a non-risk one: that is, the customs service will remove the coupler, and the trailer will be sent back to the country of arrival. If it is not possible to replace the driver, the car will reach a nearby checkpoint, where the cargo will be moved to another car.  

Referring to drivers and goods outside the risk zone, it is mentioned that drivers will be subject to strict scrutiny: their temperature and other symptoms will be checked. If a foreign driver has symptoms of illness, they will return to the country of arrival. Drivers who are citizens of Georgia will be sent to a quarantine, and the cargo will be checked according to the procedure of checking cargoes arrived from risky countries.