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Coronavirus cases in Iran: Control at the RA border checkpoints has been strengthened

RA Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan  referred to cases of coronavirus registered in Iran, on his Facebook page.

 “Dear compatriots,

 We are monitoring the incidence and prevalence of new coronavirus worldwide, including in our neighboring Iran.  We are also aware of the peculiarities of passenger flow from Iran to our country, including the upcoming Novruz.  In addition to the anti-epidemic measures, the control of passengers crossing the Meghri border, as well as passengers arriving by plane from Iran to Armenia,  was strengthened.  In all suspicious cases, surveillance is also carried out throughout Armenia.

 I would like to inform you that no case of new coronavirus infection has been registered in Armenia so far.  I urge you to follow and be guided by the Health Ministry official newsletter.

 Please also follow our tips to prevent all acute respiratory infections:

 Get vaccinated against seasonal flu by applying to your polyclinic, avoid  contacting with people with flu-like symptoms ,  if you are ill, stay home, especially for children with flu-like symptoms, do not allow them to go to school and kindergarten, providing physician consultation and treatment; if you are ill, invite a local pediatrician, therapist or family doctor and do not self-medicate, do not use antibiotics as they are not indicated for the treatment of influenza and acute respiratory infections unless prescribed by doctor; dress according to the weather, maintain a coughing and sneezing attitude, use as much liquid as possible, frequently ventilate indoors, follow your personal hygiene. "