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Lack of love in the National Assembly. Marukyan congratulates all the members with St. Valentine’s day (video)

Edmon Marukyan, head of the political faction “Bright Armenia”, started the parliamentary briefings with congratulations. He wished love and happiness to everyone on Valentine’s Day.

“Love people even when they are in opposition, do not wait for them to come to power. There is a lack of love in the National Assembly, there is an impression that people need love, that’s why we need to give them our bright love,” – Edmon Marukyan emphasized.

To the observation: “There is a lack of love between you and the authorities this week. Yesterday Tevan Poghosyan said that if he puts his personal interests above the state, then he is ready to host and bring them closer at his own home,”- Edmon replied.

“I remind you, that Tevan Poghosyan failed to bring us closer after that evening Pashinyan had the worst performance in Vanadzor. Yes, all the red lines against us are anti-propaganda, and this is because we disagree and our loud concern during this time is that government tells people who disagree with them that you are former, sold, you are black, it means, there was nothing between us, there is a question that we don’t agree with.”

The leader of “Bright Armenia” said if they don’t respond to the criticism directed to them, it is not right.

“Today, on the day of lovers we can declare a moratorium, and what they write today, won’t be answered”, Edmon Marukyan noted.