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Video Interview

Nikol Pashinyan made a mistake when not releasing a worse legacy - Levon Zurabyan (video)

In a statement released by Minsk Group co-chairs last week in Geneva after a meeting of the foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan, it was the first time that they were committed to "full commitment to the principle of confidentiality." ANC Vice-President Levon Zurabyan considers that this reference to confidentiality applies equally to both the Armenian and Azerbaijani sides.

As for the document presented by Pashinyan in Kapan, Zurabyan considers that the RA Prime Minister made a mistake when presenting NKR conflict negotiations as Serzh Sargsyan's lesft legacy left.

Moreover, speaking about the parliamentary opposition, the ANC Vice President says that they are not political forces, but forces that serve the interests of the oligarchy, and their position will depend on the interests of specific oligarchs.