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Heated conversation between Arsen Torosyan and "My Step" (video)

The 2nd reading of the bill on addition and amendment to the Law on Drugs did not go smoothly today at the Standing Committee on Health Care and Social Affairs of the Armenian parliament.
Deputy Minister of Health Anahit Avanesyan presented the bill.
Subsequently, Narek Zeynalyan, chairman of the aforesaid committee, outlined some provisions that, according to him, contradict the bill.
MPs Kristine Poghosyan and Lusine Badalyan from the "My Step" faction also made addresses. Both stated that there is a risk of corruption here.
Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan joined the discussion and asked Poghosyan to explain what corruption risk this was about.
Kristine Poghosyan gave examples and then asked the minister: "Can you give a guarantee for all your deputy ministers that no one will be involved in corruption risk? And let me tell you, a few months ago, your deputy minister was accused of corruption risk."