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Person accused for Yerkrapah Volunteer Union member's murder not found since one year (video)

On April 23, 2018, Nver Hovhannisyan, an assistant to the former Mayor of Etchmiadzin Karen Grigoryan, died after being stabbed in Etchmiadzin after hours of his resignation. The latter received a wound in the right half of the chest.

On April 24, the City Hall of Etchmiadzin issued a statement saying that the events were led by former MP Hakob Hakobyan, also known as Choyt. Karen Mkrtchyan, the son of Nver Hovhannisyan's aunt, did not deny this information during a conversation with A1+.

A criminal case has been instituted on this case, according to which, 51-year-old Grigor Avetisyan, a resident of Etchmiadzin, was considered as an accused for this case. To date, Grigor Avetisyan has not been identified, the Investigative Committee told A1+.