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“Serzh Sargsyan should start with himself”


""As Lenin said revolutions lead to terror, if they do not yield results. In fact, terror is a consequence," singer Ruben Hakhverdyan said on Monday.

"When the legal means of struggle do not bring the desired changes, they give rise to new methods. Serzh Sargsyan repeatedly suggests starting from a new page. I think that he should start with himself as he is a part of this corrupt regime. Our people are hungry today while Serzh Sargsyan is constructing elite buildings and expanding businesses," said Hakhverdyan.

Singer David Amalyan advises Armenians to remain indifferent to fraud and treachery.
"We should ignore everything. One need not remove the tumor not to accelerate the growth of cancers once they have started," he said.

Amalyan thinks that only a cultural revolution can resolve the existing problems. He also referred to the hotly debated Tashir music awards ceremony.

"People remembered about the low level of Armenian pop music only after the singers were gifted apartments. Until then, they were spoiling spiritual food and no one was making a fuss over it. No one was paying attention to low-quality songs and melodies," said Amalyan.
The singers agreed that the show business has become the topic of conversation in all of our homes.

"Stupid posters are seen on billboards in Yerevan which glorify the Armenian army. One can read "My gun is my stage, my duduk," or "I love you" nearly everywhere. It is difficult to understand who loves whom, whether it is group love or something else... They could have posted the photos of Leonid Azgaltsyan[national hero], Monte[famed Armenian commander during the Nagorno-Karabakh War] and Dushman Vardan [Karabakh war hero] instead to encourage our children by the deeds of our heroes," said Hakhverdyan.

The singer says that the authorities restrain public rage with their fake statements.

"The authorities say if the forces continue struggle for power, Azerbaijan will seize the opportunity and attack Armenia. In the meantime, our authorities continue robbing people and boosting their businesses," said Hakhverdyan.

"The enemy inside us is more dangerous," added Amalyan.
"Should Monte and Leonid be alive, the country wouldn't have appeared in this disgraceful situation. Like Jirayr Sefilyan [Sardarapat Movement activist], they would fight against vicious phenomena," he said.